Why You Should Install an Interior Fireplace This Season

Now is the perfect time to add an electric fireplace to your home. Installing an electric fireplace adds a lot of value to your home and makes it more comfortable. Deluca Masonry’s stone fireplaces create a gorgeous setting for your electric fireplace and can fit into any style of home and décor without needing to add a chimney. You can have a warm, inviting fireplace that’s clean, safe for kids and pets, and will transform your home. Continue reading to see a few reasons why you should contact Deluca Masonry to install an electric fireplace this year.

You Can Use It All Year

Unlike a traditional fireplace, you can use an electric fireplace all year. You don’t need to worry about stocking wood or how much heat the fireplace will release. With the push of a button, you can have a warm fire to take the chill off those late summer nights or the early spring mornings when it’s still frosty. And in the fall, you can use the electric fireplace and avoid turning on the furnace until the temperature drops. 

Dress Up Your Home For The Holidays

Are you hosting holiday get-togethers? Nothing is more welcoming or inviting than an electric fireplace. Because electric fireplaces are self-contained, they are very safe to use when you have people over. You won’t need to worry about people getting hurt or sparks flying off. Everyone can enjoy the lovely crackle and glow of a fire safely. And it wouldn’t be the holidays without stockings on the custom-built mantel for the kids anxiously waiting for Santa Claus’s arrival. 

Energy Efficient Heat 

Everyone is worried about their energy bills this year as prices skyrocket. An electric fireplace provides steady energy efficient heat that won’t drive up your winter heating costs. If you want to keep your heating costs low this year without sacrificing your family’s comfort, installing a cozy electric fireplace will keep your home toasty warm throughout the winter. An electric fireplace can keep your utility bills low and not freeze through the winter. If you’re working from home and concerned about the cost of your utility bills this winter, an electric fireplace with a custom stone or brick mantel is a great option to keep you warm on a budget. 

It Creates The Perfect Gathering Spot

There is nothing like gathering with the family before a roaring fire. You can turn your home into the sanctuary that it should be, with an electric fireplace as the spot where the entire family gathers. Imagine sitting by the fire with your family when the wind is whipping, and the snow is falling. Stay safe and cozy inside all winter with an electric fireplace. Contact Deluca Masonry to upgrade your fireplace with a custom stone or brick fireplace!

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