Are Window Wells a Good Idea?

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Are Window Wells a Good Idea?

Are you considering adding a window well to your home? It is an excellent decision for those struggling with damp basements who wish to create a dry and bright area for creativity and living. A window well is a necessary and vital structure that offers many benefits that most overlook. Deluca Masonry installs window wells with the use of materials such as stone and metal to add a beautiful and finished look to your home.

What Are Window Wells?

In basic terms, a window well is designed to create space around your basement window. Installing a window well requires a recess in the ground on the exterior of the building. You can install more oversized windows that allow natural light and protect you from rain, snow, ice, debris, and animals. The main focus of a window well is how they prevent moisture damage to basement windows.

The Importance of Window Wells

Window wells help shield your home and enhance your basement. Without window wells, your home is vulnerable to the elements and destructive forces every season brings. So, how do we create something to protect you from rain, snow, and ice? Using a window well, you can remove the factor of your basement becoming damp and musty and instead welcome natural light to transform your space into a fresh, dry, and bright living space. In addition to keeping your space dry, wells are a safety measure. In the event of an emergency, window wells act as an escape exit during a fire or burglary. 

Maintaining Your Window Wells

Unless you plan to install a window well cover, you must keep your drainage system clear from debris. To maintain your window well, you can remove leaves, twigs, and debris from your wells twice a year. Keeping your window wells clear of debris is crucial to preventing clogged drainage systems. If gravel becomes impacted in the well, your drainage system may suffer due to pooling water; throughout your yearly maintenance, ensure your gravel is loose for maximum drainage. 

Ask your experts about window well covers if you are looking for an easier way to maintain your window wells. Window well covers act as a barrier to prevent animals and people from falling in. They also stop debris, rainwater, and snow from entering the well to maximize dryness in your basement and increase the natural light.

Window Well Installation Near You

If you are interested in renovating the exterior of your home, consider adding window wells to enhance your basement’s natural beauty and reap the benefits of a clean and dry space. Window well installation is easy and worth the effort to create a safe environment, minimize filth and follow building codes. If you are interested in installing a window well on your property, contact the experts at Deluca Masonry today. Call us at (781)269-9709 or get a free quote online. We look forward to working with you!

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