Benefits of Having A Fireplace in Your Home

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Benefits of Having A Fireplace in Your Home

One of our most requested masonry installations is for fireplaces, both indoor and outdoor. Fireplaces are great amenities to incorporate into your home as there are many benefits to having them. While being a source of heat during the winter months, they can also be used as an aesthetic addition to your home inside and out. End a cookout with smores under the stars or watch your favorite movie while toasting by the fire during the holidays, the opportunities are endless! In addition to adding value to your home as well as additional activities, below are seven benefits to having a fireplace installed.

Cozy Fires

When people think of fireplaces and sitting by the fire they think of one thing; coziness. There is no other type of heating appliance that will offer the same experience. Whether you have an open-hearth fireplace, insert fireplace, wood stove, or pellet stove, you can enjoy the fire cracking all through the night. It is the perfect setting for enjoying some quality time with family and friends, read a favorite book, or enjoy indoor activities.

Romantic Setting

When it comes to date ideas, nothing beats sitting by the fire with your significant other, drinking a nice glass of wine and taking in the romantic aura. Enjoy the quietness of your home while wrapped up in each other’s arms as the kids enter their dreams. Fireplaces are also great for the holidays as a way to bring families closer together and share memories.

Warmth When The Electricity Is Out

Being located in Massachusetts means that we are bound to endure some cold New England winters. Sometimes, these winters will bring some power outages which is perfect for those who have fireplaces. Fireplaces will provide you with warmth and plenty of light as you wait for the power to turn back on.

Fire For Cooking

If your fireplace is actually a wood burning stove then you have the benefit of cooking on the appliance. Save money on your utility bill by heating up soup, coffee, or a leftover meal on the stove while warming your home at the same time. This benefit is great if you encounter a situation where you lose power and still need to prepare food as you have a secondary cooking source.

Eco-Friendly Heating

When it comes to wood burning, it is a sustainable energy that is very eco-friendly as there is zero carbon footprint when it comes to wood burning. Fireplaces will produce plenty of heat to warm your home which means you can use less of the fossil-fueled energy supply. With some of the latest models allowing you to distribute heat from a fireplace throughout your home using special ducts.

Cut Energy Costs

During the winter months, your electricity bill will tend to increase as you use your primary heating source. By using a fireplace, you will have far fewer costs as purchasing firewood is fairly cheap. By using a fireplace you are getting the same amount of heat displacement in your home while saving money, as you would be paying to use the fossil-fueled heating appliance in your home.

Energy Independence

Just like with saving money, having a fireplace will allow you to be less dependent on the utilities in your home. You can manage how much you pay by the amount of how much you use these heating appliances. By switching to a fireplace you can also save costs as firewood does not take much to buy.

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