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Is A Stone Patio Right For Me?

Patios and outdoor living areas are one of the most popular enhancements home owners love to have or imagine having. When you decide that you are ready to install a patio in your yard you will want to discuss with your contractor, the type of material you will need for this project. One of the more popular and more recommended material choice for masonry patios is stone. Having a stone patio comes with a number of advantages including a great look to your home. Below are benefits of having a stone patio that should be considered when wondering if stone is the right material for your project.

Stone Lasts Long

Whether you are living in your forever home, or will be moving out once the children leave the nest, a stone patio is built to last. What makes stone so great to use for patio material is the fact that it will stand strong against the weather. This is a great factor to consider when living in Massachusetts as the New England weather is famous for never being consistent as well as our changing seasons. Concrete, another building material for patios, simply can’t hold up against weather the way stone can. The weather will cause erosion as well as crack the concrete. The cost of concrete may be cheaper initially but in the long run you save much more money on maintenance by using stone as your building material. Another advantage of using stone is that the color will last even a decade after the initial installation.

Keeps Cool

The disadvantage of concrete material in terms of being used for a patio is that they tend to heat up quickly in the summer. This can be an unattractive quality when thinking of comforting guests when you are relaxing on your new patio. Patios are there for enjoyment and relaxation, not to have your feet burning during the summertime. Make sure to choose stone if you would rather your material to be gently warm in the summertime rather than scorching hot. In addition to staying cool, stone tends to maintain friction even in water, so when it rains you will less likely slip.

Less Work & Maintenance

If you are looking for a project that will look amazing and require little to no maintenance then look for stone patios. Some masonry materials require constant upkeep but stone is the complete opposite. Once you have it installed there is very little if at all maintenance to upkeep the stone, it will last for years to come. Stone, unlike other materials, does not absorb spills so you will not have to worry about any eyesores if anyone spills anything on your stone patio. In addition, stone can come in marble, limestone, etc. and can be used for indoor or outdoor usage.

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