5 Steps To Hire The Best Masonry Contractor

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5 Steps To Hire The Best Masonry Contractor

One of the toughest home improvement jobs to complete are masonry projects. This is because there is a lot of measuring, leveling and precision that goes into this craft. If not done correctly then the whole project could either end up looking bad or falling apart because of a lack of knowledge when installing masonry pieces. Most people will try to do it themselves, but if you want a masonry project that will last and enhance the look of your home, your best bet is to hire a masonry contractor. Below are five steps for hiring a masonry contractor that will ensure that you get the best person for the job.

Get Multiple Bids

When planning to hire a contractor for your masonry project, it is best to call at least three contractors to bid your work. This will allow you to look at different price options as well as meeting each contractor. If something doesn’t feel right about the masonry contractor when you meet him, then don’t use them. When you meet them and the contractor can’t fully explain what their going to do it’s best to look else where. A professional contractor should be able to offer you multiple bids, give you options on materials as well as installations costs during your meeting.

If you find that the contractor you are meeting with is contradicting himself or showing a lack of courtesy or respect to you or you wishes you can safely assume the same will be done to your home. This aspect is especially important since you do not want an unprofessional messy job done to your home.

Ask Questions

In the world of masonry there are a bunch of terminology that the common person would not know about. When meeting with your contractor to discuss your masonry job, have them explain in simple terms what the job entails. Professionals should always be able to communicate clearly what the job entails, what materials are needed and if the customer needs to provide anything for prep work. Never be afraid to ask masonry questions as it is the contractors job to make sure you fully understand and accept what is going to be done during this project.

Get A Timeline

When it comes to masonry projects, timing is key for everything. You need to make sure that the timing of the weather is right in order to sufficiently get the job done as well as knowing how long a job will take. With masonry jobs, during installation, some aspects of your home will be off limits to you as the space will be needed for the project. Asking for a timeline will eliminate any confusion about what is a reasonable request and how long you can not go to certain area of your home. Timeline requests will also give you the power to control your installations as you can hold contractors accountable for the timelines they originally gave you. This will ensure a project is completed on time which can prevent additional charges and prevent disturbances in your own daily events.

Ask For References

If a contractor boasts about his professionalism, then they should have at least three references you can actually call for proof of their work. If they cannot provide you with at least three references then they are not confident in their work for every job they have done nor think their past work is reference worthy. Once you have your list of references, feel free to contact them and ask them any question you have. This step is one of the most important as you can get a customers point of view of their experience with this masonry contractor. In addition to saving you frustration, you can also save money as these references will let you know if the money you will be investing will be well worth it.

Trust Your Gut

The old adage of trusting your gut/instinct is true when hiring masonry contractors. No matter if the contractor gives you references or has a reasonable bid on the project, if it does not sit or feel right with you keel looking. You want to make sure that you feel comfortable with this person performing this grand task of home improvement.

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