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What Are The Best Materials For An Outdoor Fireplace

One of the highlights of summer is how you enjoy your summer nights. There are clubs, vacations and other amusements you can partake in but nothing beats sitting under the stars at night next to a fireplace. Outdoor fireplaces not only make for a good relaxing time, they also add value to your home. Giving your home more curb appeal and shows your style to your home decor. If you are thinking about hiring a masonry contractor to install an outdoor fireplace for your home, you need to know which materials to use. These building materials need to be durable, aesthetically pleasing and easy to maintain over the years. Each material listed below has their own benefits if they are used as building material.

Stone Outdoor Fireplaces

Stone is one of the more popular materials used when building outdoor fireplaces because the material is strong and visually attractive. There are a large number of different styles and colors that come with stone such as limestone, bluestone, rubblestone & more. With many options to choose from, home owners get a chance to design the fireplace of their dreams with colors that match their home or style. Stone is also a good option if you already have stone in your backyard space as it will fit well together.

Brick Outdoor Fireplaces

When fireplaces come up in conversation, nine times out of ten you think of brick as the material used to create a fireplace. What makes brick such a traditional fireplace material is that it meshes will with most decors of a home. With red being the most popular color for brick, they also come in different colors such as white, tan, gray and brown. If you are looking for a material with as little upkeep as possible then you will want to go with brick as it is strong, durable and requires low maintenance.

Concrete Outdoor Fireplaces

Concrete material is great for modern styled fireplaces that use natural gas or propane instead of wood burning. With this in mind, your fireplace will not require a defined chimney which leaves your design options up to your own creativity. Concrete is also a good choice if you are looking for a low maintenance durable and affordable building material. Most fireplaces made from concrete tend to be long, low or massive in size. Make a statement with a concrete fireplace installation!

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