Installing A Paved Patio Instead Of Deck

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Installing A Paved Patio Instead Of Deck

Paved patios are growing in popularity for many reasons. They are affordable, easy to repair, low maintenance and durable. Installation is a breeze and depending on the pattern you choose, they can look beautiful as well!

There are three main types of patio paving: concrete, brick or natural stone. Poured concrete patios are easy to install and cost much less than paving with natural stone but concrete slabs can crack or split and require repair more often.

Brick patios is the next step up in terms of price. Today’s bricks are made of clay and are very durable. A brick patio will be a rough surface compared to natural stone which is smooth. The choice is up to you. With bricks, you can create complex patterns and use different colors whereas natural stone is a more classic design with not a lot of flair.

Natural stone is the most expensive option because it must be mined and cut but it is a durable, smooth surface that many home owners like. A natural stone patio can transform the look of your back yard into an elegant area to hold parties and entertain. Two things to remember about natural stone: it can get slippery when wet and it can stain if you spill a drink or food. You will need to use a power washer and natural soap to remove stubborn stains. You should never use harsh cleaners or bleach because they can ruin the natural color of the stone.

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