Six Benefits Of Stone Pavers

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Six Benefits Of Stone Pavers

Adding pavers, especially stone pavers, to your walkway, patio or driveway is a great way to add value and beauty to your home. There are different types of pavers that masonry contractors use and clients can choose from but out of all different types, stone pavers are one of the more popular choice. One major reason is that they can stand the test of time while adding character to your home. Along with adding value to your home, natural stone pavers have many benefits that many are unfamiliar with. Below are six benefits to why you should consider using natural paver for your next masonry project.

  1. Adding Value & Curb Appeal  Whether it is a residential or commercial property being worked on, stone pavers will add curb appeal to that property. The best part about stone pavers is that they add luxury value at a low cost. As most stone pavers look very expensive when in actuality they are reasonably priced for almost any budget. In addition, stone pavers add a natural vibe and look to your property that will increase its value.  When it comes to adding value to your home, when compared to concrete and brick pavers, stone pavers are a far better investment.
  2. Natural Aesthetics  What makes stone paving stand out above the rest of masonry materials is the fact that they all come with natural colors and tones that will accentuate your garden, walkway, driveway, etc. This factor along with bring out a lot of character of your home and you as a home owner. It shows that you have taste with your property as well as showing you care about aesthetics. Concrete pavers do not have natural pigments as they are added later. These added pigments tend to fade over time with concrete pavers, which is why natural stone is more attractive to buyers. Natural beauty of granite or limestone will beat out plain old concrete every time.
  3. Sustainable  One of the big reasons masonry contractors love to recommend and use stone pavers is for their sustainability and its ability to be renewable. Stone pavers are more energy, pollution and carbon footprint  friendly than their concrete product counterparts. Stone is generally one of the most sustainable building materials on the planet, as you can usually see them used in an array of different mason and regular construction builds. Stone is also recyclable and can be used as reclaimed paving or can be crushed and used for aggregates.
  4. Low Maintenance & Durable  Another reason stone pavers are widely used in the masonry world is that they are very durable and require little to no maintenance. They resist moisture, heat and can handle heavy foot traffic and still keep their natural beauty over time. The big thing that attracts consumers is the low maintenance that comes with stone pavers. As the only thing consumers have to worry about is a cleaning every now and again to ensure algae and dirt does not build up. While concrete pavers users often have to worry about crack repair, resurfacing and sealing. Concrete is still a great masonry material, but natural stone does have less maintenance involved after installation.
  5. Naturally Safe  Natural stone is also very safe to use when it comes to masonry projects. This is because they have a non-slip surface due to their natural characteristics which make them ideal for outdoor patios and for use around pools or hot tubs. Stone is also frost resistant which makes them perfect for those living in areas where there is a lot of snow, low climates and seasonal changes.
  6. Versatile Stone pavers are known not only for their beauty but for their versatility. They are ideal for areas with heavy foot traffic and are also a suitable material for vehicle traffic such as a driveway. Obviously for driveways you need to have a thicker stone but still versatile nonetheless. Their versatility is the reason why many mason contractors recommend them when working on areas along poolsides, paths, patios and driveways in a variety of residential and commercial contexts.

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