How to Maintain Your New Fireplace

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How to Maintain Your New Fireplace

Both brick and stone masonry fireplaces are quite beautiful and add authenticity to any room. While these materials are solid and durable, some maintenance is needed to keep the stone or brick in good standing.

Maintaining a Brick Fireplace

If the mortar that holds the brick and stone together is in good condition, it’s relatively simple to maintain the fireplace. In most cases, you’ll only need the chimney cleaned once per month but if you use the fireplace frequently, it’s encouraged to clean it several times a year. Hiring a qualified mason to take care of any issues is a major help. In fact, a mason will keep your fireplace lasting for several lifetimes!

Outdoor Fireplace Maintenance

One of the best features about masonry fireplaces is that they are much more durable than other materials. Due to this, you’ll often find the stone or brick fireplace outside acting as a breathtaking centerpiece. However, keep in mind that these fireplaces do require more upkeep because you’ll need to focus on cleaning up debris and leaves on top of clearing away ash.

Why It’s Important to Clean Your Chimney

For those of you with a masonry fireplace, it’s critical to keep the chimney clean and clear. A blocked chimney can lead to a smokey home, property and paint damage. A black film called creosote forms when wood burns and leaves deposits. A chimney fire can erupt when creosote gets hot enough which can cause a massive amount of damage.

Make sure to clean your chimney frequently so you can remove built-up creosote and reduce a chimney fire. Not only will you be protecting your property but you’ll be preserving your masonry fireplace.

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