5 Benefits of a Window Well

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5 Benefits of a Window Well

For those who have a basement under their home window, well installation is a necessary and vital structural component that offers numerous benefits that are often overlooked. Masonry installation of materials that come in stone or metal can add a beautiful and finished look to the exterior of a home. Masonry contractors know what will look best on each individual home.

5 Advantages of a Window Well

Safe and Sound

One of the most important reasons for having window wells is for the safety of those who live or visit the home. This type of masonry services can provide safety in an emergency type situation such as a burglary or fire they allow for easy egress.

Light in the Dark

Basements can be dark whether they are a finished recreation room or simply a storage area. Having masonry contractors install window wells allows for natural light to flow into the basement making it less scary and more inviting.

Air Flow

The nature of a basement is to be damp, musty smelling and cool due to the fact that it is all or partially underground. A masonry installation of window wells allows for proper ventilation of this musty area creating a more dry and fresh smelling area. This window well installation can make it feel more inviting to those who need to use it and also create more appeal if a house is ever sold, nobody likes a musty basement!

Abide by the Law

Building codes require window wells to be installed in all residential homes for the safety of its occupants. Every city or municipality has its own guidelines on many residential homes but window wells are non-negotiable. Masonry services can offer a selection of products to choose from that will meet the local building codes.

Dirt and Debris

The combination of inclement wet weather and dirt or debris from trash to leaves can create unwanted filth rotting around the window. Masonry installation of stone window wells can help prevent the smells that can eventually seep into the house as well as other unwanted results. Masonry services that include window wells provide protection against this problem.

In Conclusion

While having a window well is a must for any home with a basement, there are masonry contractors who can provide the various options. Window well installation is easy but well worth the effort to create a safe environment, minimize filth and follow building codes. If you are interested in having a window well installed on your property, be sure to contact DeLuca Masonry Construction, LLC. today!

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