6 Ideas for Your Stone Patio Construction That Work

We all love our patios. Whether it’s about the drinks around a fire, the barbecue dinners or just lazy evenings watching the stars, the patio holds sentimental value in every home. It gets even better when you can get creative with it, play around with some new designs and bring out the best in your patio. In this article, we look at six ways of making the best out of your stone patio construction.

Patio Retaining Walls

A retaining wall for your patio will enhance its aesthetics, and at the same time provide a natural enclosure for your guests. With some creativity, the retaining walls will offer additional seating space for your guests. Also, you can design it in such a way that it creates smaller, secluded spaces for those guests that might want to stay away from a larger crowd.

Center Piece Fire Pits

Patios can make for great outdoor relaxation areas. If you enjoy an evening drink with guests around a fire, well, this idea will work great for you. Be creative with it, as it enhances the aesthetics of your patio. Deluca Masonry designs some of the most beautiful outdoor firepits, take a look here

Sitting Walls

Building a wall around tour patio is already a good idea. It gets even better if the wall can be designed to provide more seating space for your guests, and it adds a rustic touch to your patio. You will need to keep in mind the type of stone patio construction, and structural considerations.

Creative Paving

When most patios are made of regular cut slabs, you can always tweak it up a bit and use irregular concrete paving blocks for a more natural, rustic feel. When doing this, keep into consideration the drainage of your patio, since standing water will cause deterioration and structural damage to your favorite living space.

Enclosed Walls

You can opt to build enclosed walls around your patio, built to your specifications. These walls can be used to display your décor, mini statues, and plants around the patio, therefore adding more aesthetic value.

Multi-color Stone Designs

You can add some design and beauty to your patio with a unique mix of multi-colored stone designs. These could be on the paving, or on the walls, but wherever they are on your patio, they definitely bring out the beauty in it.

Stone patio construction gives you the chance to make the best of your patio, and for the best results, you will need a contractor who understands exactly what you want. With DeLuca Masonry & Construction, your stone patio construction needs and designs will be brought out in the way you want them. Contact us today and fill out a contact form on our website! 

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