Brick Cracks Guide: Causes, Awareness, and Repair

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Brick Cracks Guide: Causes, Awareness, and Repair

As winter turns into spring, perhaps you are beginning to spend a little more time outdoors. But what if you notice some of your brick starting to crack or crumble? Cracked bricks can be an indicator that there is a serious issue – or it could be a minor issue that is easy to fix.

This guide will help you try to determine what your brick cracking could mean and what the next steps should be.

What are the causes of brick cracking?

Brick cracking is generally caused by an external force. This may be a naturally-caused external force, or it may be internal – meaning there is a foundation problem.

However – you should not assume the worst. In many cases, cracked brick is simply a sign that your house is settling, especially if your house’s plot was excavated before the house was built. Unless your house is settling unevenly, there is likely not an underlying foundational issue.

Water retention is another common cause of cracked brick in homes. When bricks are exposed to a lot of rain or sprinkler water, they can absorb the water. This can cause them to expand so that they are too large for their original pattern, and this can also cause cracks.

If your home is older, rather than a foundational problem, it could just be from the mortar between your bricks deteriorating. Crumbly mortar can lead to structural problems if it is ignored, but if you catch it early, it is often an easy repair.

Signs cracked brick is a problem

You will likely want to have any cracks looked at by a professional brick mason before you assume, they are nothing to worry about. However, there are 4 big signs that your brick cracking is a more serious issue.

  1. Windows or doors sticking or not working because of a shift in brick position.
  2. Dramatic changes in shape, length, or the direction of the crack.
  3. Cracking near your roof or near the foundation.
  4. A brick chimney that is starting to lean.


No matter what is causing your brick cracking, there are many ways you can repair it. Some options may include a brick replacement, brick repair, brick resurfacing, or chimney repair.

It is essential to correctly identify why your brick began cracking so you can fix it and keep other bricks from cracking in the future. If you are not totally sure what the cause was, or you try to fix it but end up with additional cracks down the line, contact DeLuca Masonry & Construction! DeLuca Masonry & Construction can assist with any problems, and help you figure out the best way to take care of cracked bricks.

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