Ways to Increase the Value of Your Home with Stone Veneer Masonry

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Ways to Increase the Value of Your Home with Stone Veneer Masonry

The professionals at Deluca Masonry & Construction see the value that stone veneer can add to one’s home. The slick and beautiful masonry can transform your home and give it an amazing high-quality look. The best thing about stone veneer is that it is extremely affordable and sustainable! 

Easy Installation, Easy to Replace

Real stone can be difficult to replace over time. If you have a stone wall at your home and the middle of it becomes damaged, it is likely that you’ll have to tear down the whole wall and start from scratch. However, the stone veneer does not work that way. Stone veneer is a lot easier to install and it’s possible to fix parts of it without having to tear down and rebuild the whole thing. Because stone veneer is easier to install and replace you won’t be spending as much money as you would be to have real stone. 

Stone Veneer Masonry is Extremely Durable

Don’t worry, just because you choose stone veneer over real stone doesn’t mean it isn’t durable! Stone veneer actually surpasses real stone in durability and strength. Stone veneer requires less attention and care than real stone and it is better able to keep it’s natural beauty than fade. You also won’t have to worry about the weather because stone veneer can handle all types of weather! 

Stone Veneer Masonry Has a High Resale Value

Of course, people love newer homes that look fresh and lively. Since stone veneer doesn’t crack or age, it always looks brand new! Research has shown that homes with stone veneer have a higher resale value than homes that don’t. When someone is looking at a home with stone veneer they know that they won’t run into having to pay for repairs. 

Flexible Designs and Versatile Applications 

Stone veneer can be customized to be exactly what you’re looking for. With Deluca Masonry & Construction you can fully design what your stone veneer will look like on our design center page. You’ll be able to choose between various types, colors, and materials to make sure your project is amazing and unique to your home. 

Improve Your Curb Appeal with Stone Veneer Masonry

Curb appeal is huge when it comes to selling a home. Curb appeal can often make or break whether someone even wants to tour the home. Since stone veneer masonry has the appearance of luxury, it will make the outside of your home look amazing and new. 

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