Wonders of Polymeric Sand

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Wonders of Polymeric Sand

gold brick wallAlmost every mason work knows about this wonderful product as it is the icing on the cake for finishing any type of project. Whether it is walkways or patios, everyone should have polymeric sand in between the cracks of their walkways or patios. What this sand does is that it helps hold the pieces of the project together, whether it is stone, pavers or bricks. In addition, polymeric sand helps prevent weeds from growing in the cracks as well as bugs living in between the pavers.

To make sure that the sand works properly, follow these steps:

  • Clear any debris on the surfaces.
  • Pour the sand in the cracks just above the top.
  • Using a broom, sweep the excess sand into the other cracks.
  • Make sure when sweeping, that you sweep in a diagonal direction to get most out of all the sand.
  • When you think it is packed pretty well, make sure to get any remaining sand off the stone as it could stain.
  • Use a leaf blower to get the excess sand off the walkway.
  • After you feel that most of it is off, use a garden hose to lightly mist the walkway or patio.
  • Make sure there is no puddling as this could cause the sand to washout.
  • Keep off the patio for 24 hours and the sand should harden, finishing your walkway or patio.

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