Stone Patio Maintenance for the Spring

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Stone Patio Maintenance for the Spring

Outdoor Antique Fire BrickNow that we are entering the early days of spring, it’s time to start preparing your outdoor patio for heavy use come this spring and summer. If your home has a stone patio, then you may already know that a stone patio is by far one of the most durable patio options to have, but a stone patio does come without its own set of maintenance tasks. Here are a few simple steps that will help you clean and maintain your outdoor patio.

Simple Cleaning:

We recommend that your stone patio is cleaned regularly. There are many different ways to clean your patio, depending on how often your stone patio is used throughout the year, Use a wet mop with warm water clean your patio of any surface stains. For tougher stains, use a mixture of water and dishwater soap. There are scrubbers that can be purchased specifically for natural stone surfaces, but at the end of each cleaning session, always make sure that the patio is thoroughly dried off.

Cleaning Weeds:

The presence of weeds may appear in between the seams of the stone. This issue stems from the fact that weeds retain moisture, which over time can lead to the stone of your patio cracking. We recommend that you use an herbicide to remediate the issue. Apply the herbicide to the seams of the stone after manually removing the weeds from your outdoor patio.

Sealing the Paver:

The most effective way to protect your stone paver is by using a sealant. The sealant helps maintain the brightness of the patio and should be applied every few years. Using a sealer also prevents staining on your stone patio. Remember to clean the patio first before applying the sealer.

Grout Lines:

Stone patios often need new grouting.  A putty knife or chisel may be used to apply the grout. Be careful to not stain the stone with the grout. A wire brush can be used to remove any extra dry grout. There is also the option of using grout specific sealer to added protection.

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