What is Stone Veneer?

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What is Stone Veneer?

Stone is a classic and beautiful feature of many homes. However, stone can be pricey and heavy. Fortunately, stone veneer is an option that can make your home appear just as classic and beautiful as the real deal. Although most people think of a wooden veneer, which often looks cheap and does not last, a stone veneer is an attractive option for your home. Instead of using real stone, a veneer can be adhered to any surface to give the appearance of stone. 

Stone Veneer

Stone veneer looks so great because it typically uses natural stone. The stones are cut thin to give the illusion of a real stone wall but are just a portion of the rock. It is excellent for decoration and holds up well to weather and time. Some veneers use a faux stone, as well. 

Types of Stone Veneer

If you want to choose stone veneer for your latest home improvement project, you have a few options to pick from. The best choice for your project depends on budget, quality, and the structure you plan to attach the veneer. 

Faux Stone

Faux stone is exactly how it sounds. The faux stone is created using cement and minerals, which results in a realistic appearing fake stone. Some faux stones are polymer, which is even lighter than a standard stone veneer. Faux stone is durable and gorgeous and can be adhered to any number of surfaces. 

Natural Thin Stone Veneer

Using real stone, natural thin stone veneer is commonly cut to just an inch thickness. Usually, this type of veneer is more refined than others, increasing the cost in comparison. 

Full Bed

A full bed veneer offers homeowners a natural stone with an exquisite appearance. The difference between this kind of veneer and the thin stone option is the thickness. Where the thin is cut to an inch thickness, a full bed can be as much as five inches deep. Obviously, the thickness of the stone results in a heavier product. More stone can mean a higher price and the need for a more structurally sound surface for attaching. 

Why Should I Use Stone Veneer?

There are many benefits to using a stone veneer in your next project. From cost to durability, the weight and appearance, stone veneer may impress you!


An authentic stone wall includes many parts – increase in the purchase price, shipping and handling, labor, and the materials required to secure the structure. Stone veneer is far more cost-effective because it is cheaper, lighter, and easier to install. 


Stone veneer is a long-lasting product that can withstand various weather conditions. It also requires little maintenance. 


A veneer is so lightweight that there are few requirements for installing it. Interior and exterior applications are possible. Stone veneer can easily cover drywall, wood, brick, and other materials. 


While stone veneer costs less, it does not sacrifice beauty. In fact, few people would notice the difference between a veneer and a real stone wall. The beauty of stone veneer can last you a long time. 

Deluca Masonry Can Assist with Your Stone Veneer

Choosing the best stone veneer for your project means understanding a few key details. Deluca Masonry Construction is ready to help you choose a veneer and assist you with your project. Contact us today by filling out a contact form or giving us a call at 781-269-9709.

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