Reasons Why Stone Veneers Have Become Extremely Popular

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Reasons Why Stone Veneers Have Become Extremely Popular

A stone wall can add character to a space in a way regular drywall is unable to achieve; however, natural stone can get a bit pricey. Fortunately, you can use stone veneers on your project to achieve the same look for just a fraction of the cost. Stone veneers may be the perfect option for your remodel on a budget. Consider the advantages of a lighter, more accessible, and just as beautiful product before making a firm decision on your accent wall. 

The Price is Right

Stone veneers are less costly than a real stone wall, but how much can be saved? Think about how much it might cost to ship, transport, and install genuine, heavy stones. Combining these elements alone should be enough to convince just about anyone of the cost savings on stone veneers. The physical product is also priced lower than natural stones. If you want a stone wall for a modest price, a stone veneer is the best option for you. 

Many Available Options

There exists a wide variety of stone veneers available for home renovations or new construction. Whether you fancy a slate look or river rocks, you can find it in veneer. The product’s versatility allows the adhesion to both interior and exterior walls. Perhaps you want your outdoor grilling area spruced up, the backsplash in your kitchen, or a pop of something different in the living room; veneer offers homeowners plenty of options. 

Basic Installation and Low Maintenance

Have you ever seen a stone wall or backsplash installed? It can be a timely and challenging process. The foundation must be strong enough to hold the weight, and the stones must be arranged and placed correctly. On the other hand, a veneer can be applied to any surface and requires little effort. Furthermore, veneer maintenance is simply cleaning it with soap and water, whereas real stone can call for special cleaning products. 

If you’re looking for the most effortless installation process and a product that does not have to be maintained much over time, stone veneers are ideal. This adds to the popularity of stone veneers. 

Need Help? Contact Deluca Masonry in Norwood, MA

Cost-effectiveness, versatile options and uses, and a simple installation makes stone veneer a trendy option for homes today. Whether you plan to use veneers in the bathroom, on a patio wall, or even fireplaces, you will find the benefits of the veneer outweigh any possible disadvantages. If you have any questions about stone veneer or need help purchasing or installing it, you can reach out to Deluca Masonry Construction. 

Deluca Masonry Construction provides top-notch assistance with stone veneers. Get the look you want quickly and efficiently with our help! Contact us today by filling out a contact form or by giving us a call at 781-269-9709.

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