The Importance of Caulking & Water Blockage

As we prepare for the fall and winter months, we need to consider the change in weather that is going to come. Both seasons attract rain and snow which, if there is a lot of could be bad for the masonry sections of your home if they are not installed properly. You will want to make sure that no matter what type of masonry project you have done, that everything is sealed and protected from any water damage.

Blocking Out Water

The most commonly used method to prevent water damage is by caulking your project after it is installed. Caulking will prevent water and moisture from reaching through the space between brick, stone, block or any other material you are using. These spaces are very vulnerable to water damage as water can seep into the cracks and pool and fester in these cracks. When this happens, then your project will then start to erode as well as have mold and mildew start to grow which will hinder the appearance of your piece. This will also happen here in Massachusetts as the temperatures change within the winter season causing the material to expand and contrast with the water inside which can cause more issues.

Types of Caulk

When it comes to sealing away projects and preventing water damage, caulking is the most common solution used out in the market. Just like with any product there are different types and variations, below are common types of caulk you will see being used.

  • Polyurethane – A caulk solution that can last up to 10 years on average. Be sure to use this type of caulk in low-light areas as sunlight and UV rays can deteriorate this material.
  • Silicone – This inorganic solution is a great solution if your projects take in a lot of sunlight as it will not deteriorate. Silicone also will last longer than Polyurethane as its lasts up to 20 years, with the only downside being the price.
  • Butyl Rubber – For those worrying about extreme weather, they should consider using this type of caulk as it can withstand extreme conditions. This type of caulk is suggest and most commonly used for concrete and gutters.
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