Importance of Keeping An Eye On Foundation, Chimneys & Bricks

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Importance of Keeping An Eye On Foundation, Chimneys & Bricks

Homes are investments and over time there will need to be maintenance and repairs. As repairs pile up, they could get expensive and every homeowner wants to save as much money as possible. To prevent spending a lot of money on multiple repairs, and to even prevent the amount of repairs needed for your home, you should keep an eye on key elements. Major repairs that are costly include foundation, chimney and brick repairs, which all should be monitored closely so you can catch the first sign of any wear and tear.

Maintain The Foundation

The least thought about but most important part of a home is the foundation. To have a home that is sturdy, let alone a home in general, you will need to have a good solid foundation. Foundations can become unstable or damaged from earth movements or water damage from rain and floods. The best way to maintain a foundation is to waterproof it. Once it is waterproofed, then you will not have to worry about mold, mildew and other water damage signs of forming around your foundation. The best method to waterproof your foundation is to install a pipe and drain. That way when it rains, the pipe draws excessive groundwater away from the house and into a drain for it to go elsewhere.

Maintain The Chimney

Chimney cleaning is an arduous task that no one really wants to do, but is necessary if you want to have a long lasting chimney. Not only will cleaning a chimney extend its life span, it will also help with the health and life span of those who occupy the home. A clean chimney is a great way to get a circulation of air in and out of the house while preventing respiratory illnesses and prevent carbon monoxide buildup. Stone and brick are great materials for chimneys as removing stains during the cleaning process is much simpler. The act of cleaning a chimney is a difficult one, as there is climbing and roof standing involved so we recommend contacting a professional. To go the extra mile with chimney maintenance is to keep in contact with a chimney inspector. Inspectors will point out cracks and gaps that you may look over as you do your own self inspection.

 Maintain the Brick Work

When it comes to maintaining the brick work of your home, you will need to inspect the brick for gaps, crack, as well as stains and dirty areas. If there is a great amount of dirt and stains on your brick work then you will need to clean the brick. This can be done with water, soap, and a brush and most materials will come off. If you have a large amount of brick work with old stains and dirt indulged in the brick then you should consider calling a professional or using a high-pressure water sprayer.

If you do notice cracks or gaps on your brick surface then they will need to be filled or even painted over. Professional mason contractors can help with this task as they can pinpoint even the smallest of cracks that homeowners may not have noticed.

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