Signs You Need To Repair Your Foundation

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Signs You Need To Repair Your Foundation

Many people do not anticipate issues with their building foundation. Issues can happen to anyone and eventually, everyone will need to have some maintenance done to their foundation. It is best to seek professional advice when you first discover any potential foundation issues. An experienced professional will be able to assess the situation and provide the best solution to help repair and mitigate the issue from becoming a larger problem. Here are four instances of when you should reach out to a masonry foundation repair professional.

1. Doors or windows jam, doesn’t latch, open, or close properly.

Initially, you may only notice some minor difficulties with opening or closing your doors or windows. If untreated, you may notice that your doors or windows no longer line up to allow them to be closed completely.

2. Floors sloping.

If you notice sloping of more than an inch in about every 20 feet, it may be a sign of the need for foundation repair. Sloping floors are not easy to fix and it is advisable to seek professional help.

3. Sunken floors or foundation.

Any sign of sinking floors or foundation could be the result of very serious foundation issue. This can cause serious safety hazards to those living in the building.

4. Wallpaper creases or wrinkles.

If the floor was shifting due to a foundation issue, the wallpaper will also shift resulting in tears and separation.

Any of these signs could result in much bigger issues if left untreated. If you noticed any of these signs with your building, don’t hesitate to give DeLuca & Masonry Construction a call at 781-269-9709 or send us an email at

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