Popular Brick Patterns Used in Masonry

If you are getting a masonry installation done to your home then you will definitely hear different terms thrown around among the contractors. These are usually the different types of patterns the contractors intend on laying the brick of your walkway. Most of the time, people getting something installed by a masonry contractor have no idea how they would like their brick to be laid. Most people don’t even know there are a variety of patterns they could use. In these cases, the contractors will make the best decision they can that will complement your home. To get exactly what you want out of your masonry installation, it is good to do your own research and know of some terms prior to the installation. With brick patterns being one of the most common questions asked by customers, we have described the most popular types of brick patterns used in the masonry industry.

Basket Weave

walkway with basket weave brick patternThis brick pattern is one of the oldest patterns around in terms of bricklaying. The basket weave pattern is viewed as a checkerboard-like pattern that is composed of pairs of bricks. The bricks are laid horizontally and vertically against one another to create the illusion that they are weaving in and out of each other. This pattern is mostly used for patio or entertainment masonry installations.

Running Bond

brick wall in a running bond patternThe most common brick pattern in the masonry industry is the running bond pattern. While this pattern is more seen for residential projects, you have probably seen it in commercial areas as well. If you are a “go green” type of person than you will love this pattern as it is the most eco-friendly pattern, due to the minimum amount of cutting, leaving zero waste behind. The brick for this pattern is laid in horizontal rows but the rows are not perfectly aligned with alternating rows being aligned slightly to the right of the previous row. This pattern is great for outdoor use as it is very strong and durable so it can handle a significant amount of weight from patio furniture and other items you might put on top of the brick.

Running Bond Variations

What makes running bond such a great masonry brick pattern to use, is that there are endless amounts of variations you can use. The variations can be seen mixed with the original pattern or be laid individually creating a unique pattern. This is a pattern you will most likely see for your next masonry project unless you specifically tell your contractors how you would like the brick to be laid.


Stack Bond

brick wall in a stack bond patternThe stack bond pattern is the most simple paving patterns used in masonry installations. The bricks are placed side by side and having the rows be perfectly aligned with one another. With the individual bricks being placed in such a manner, they create a strong bond that can undergo more foot traffic. If you are unsure of the pattern, you could have the pattern installed at a 45-degree angle to create a more interesting feel rather than just straight horizontal lines.



brick wall in herringbone patternOne of the strongest patterns of bricklaying you can have is the herringbone pattern. This pattern can be laid at both a 45 or 90-degree angle depending on how creative you want to get with your design. This pattern includes many angles that can be described as sharp and energetic. This will engage your visitors as they make their way from the end of your walkway to your home’s entrance. With the bricks being tightly locked, they can handle any significant weight. Aside from walkways, this pattern can also be used for driveway masonry installations.

Flemish Bond

brick wall in flemish bond patternAnother old pattern like the basket weave, Flemish Bond has been around and used for centuries for different masonry projects and installations. This pattern is laid in layers consisting of headers and stretchers in each layer. Flemish bond alternates in each layer with the header brick being centered between the stretcher above and below. A great use of this pattern is patios, walkways, and driveways.

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