Preparing Concrete Driveways for Winter

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Preparing Concrete Driveways for Winter

December is right around the corner here in New England which means that snow is on the way on top of colder temperatures. This combination of precipitation and cold temperatures can cause cracking and splitting to occur on concrete driveways. After the snow falls the water will find its way into any crack in the driveway that is already present. Then the water will go through a process of freezing and thawing throughout the winter season which causes expansion within the cracks as ice takes up space. This not only causes bigger cracks but causes the driveway to rise and become not level with the rest of street which could run you the risk of damaging tires when entering your driveway from the street. This leaves with homeowners contacting contractors and masons to repair their driveway or install a whole new driveway.

Check For Cracks

One of the first things to do to prepare your driveway for the winter is to identify any cracks you noticed before the snowflakes start to fall. If you noticed a large number of cracks in your driveway already then you should prepare to save for a new driveway altogether in the spring. If you only notice a few cracks you can try to seal these cracks yourself. Your best bet is to contact us as we can properly repair driveway cracks to ensure you will be safe this winter.


Another way to prepare for the winter is to keep in mind of the type of snow removal equipment your driveway will come into contact with. The precipitation combined with temperature changes will make your driveway vulnerable to chipping. So make sure your shovels do not have any cracks or chipped pieces that could cause damage to your driveway.

Drainage System

Lastly, you will want to check on the drainage of your driveway. Does the driveway properly drain water off the surface? Are there any areas where water can pool? If you noticed any pooling, then water is most likely getting trapped in the cracks of your driveway and will cause splitting and cracking. Be sure to make sure there is a drainage system set up so you avoid any pooling on your driveway.

For all driveway installation or repair questions, as well as other masonry requests contact us for a free estimate!

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