Advantages of Stone Masonry

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Advantages of Stone Masonry

When it comes to building materials, DeLuca Masonry Construction LLC. uses three major building materials that are popular in the industry. Out of the three materials of brick, block, and stone, the most popular material is stone. While all three materials are great for masonry projects, stone material has multiple advantages that make it the more popular choice such as durability and appeal. Below are three advantages to having stone masonry installed on your property.

Durable, Strong, Weather Resistant

Stone is one of the most chosen masonry materials because it is the most durable, strong and weather resistant masonry material out there. Stone does not warp, swell, bend, splinter, or dent making it a great choice for building in areas where there is a lot of foot traffic or day to day activities. Stone can also be used in any weathered environment as stone is not affected by wind, rain, hails, sleet or snow.

Long Lasting

With stone being very durable and weather resistant, it is a popular choice for masonry contractors and customers for its long-lasting characteristics. By building with stone, you are avoiding the risk of spending money on costly repairs as stone is hard to chip, bend or scratch. Keeping your stone masonry project in pristine shape as the years go one.

Aesthetic Appeal

Another reason why stone is such a popular masonry choice is for its aesthetic appeal. Stone comes in a variety of sizes, colors, and textures. Using stone material is a great way to break out your creative side as you can mix and match different colors and sizes to make your dream masonry project. From walkways to walls, building with stone is a sure fire way to add a great masonry piece that will look great and stand the test of time.

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