Masonry Fire Pit Maintenance: Keeping Your Investment in Top Shape

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Masonry Fire Pit Maintenance: Keeping Your Investment in Top Shape

Building a masonry fire pit can be expensive as it takes quite a bit of construction work to build a notable one. However, alongside these small projects, they need to be maintained to be kept in good shape to avoid degradation and damage. However, how can homeowners make this possible? Some measures need to be taken to ensure they are appropriately kept operational, and these depend on the building materials and logs used during construction. This guide puts you through the several maintenance tips we’ve curated to keep your firepit in good condition. Let’s get started.

Cleaning Tips for Your Fire Pit

As a maintenance routine, necessary clearing must be done to specific areas of your fire pit, and that’s what we will be looking at. Ensure your outdoor space stays elevated with your custom fire pit as the main attraction by following these steps!

Clear Our Residual Ashes

Residual ashes are always positioned at the bottom of the fire pit, so ensure they are removed with caution and avoid spreading into other parts of the pit. Ashes are acidic, so if left in your pit for too long, they begin to corrode other parts, which would cost more maintenance. The best way to remove them is by using a metal sheet or shovel to scoop them out carefully. Ashes can also absorb heat for so long, even after they are put out, so make sure they are not still hot during removal, as they can cause a fire hazard.

Check Metal Surfaces

Metal surfaces are prone to rust, making your Masonry fire pit deteriorate quickly. The first step is to use a dry scrub brush to remove debris from both the interior and exterior surfaces. After scrubbing with a scrub brush, you can proceed to use a soft brush with a washing soda to cleanse the remaining debris thoroughly. However, you must always use cool-warm water, not cold water, for this process. Then, you can further proceed to cleansing with fresh, clean water.

Check Stone and Masonry Surface

Another crucial part of your fire pit that needs to be maintained in good shape is the stone and Masonry surface. You can start by pouring half a cup of liquid detergent into a gallon or bucket full of water to cleanse thoroughly. Always use a soft sponge or brush for them, and avoid pouring the burner with water so fuel can run efficiently through it without any complications. You can further cover up your firepit when you are sure it is thoroughly dried and free of water remnants.

Avoid Excessive Burnings

It can be tempting always to add home trash and waste from your garbage cans to make the fire burn better, but this is a fast way to immensely damage your fire pit. Avoid adding excess plastics, cans, and polythene to your firepits. Better still, avoid it if you can’t afford the total renovation expense of your fire pit. Fire accelerants can be extremely dangerous, so always keep to split woods, planks, and fuels to keep your burner blazing perfectly fine.

Hire Professionals Crack Checks

Although cracks can seem like a minor issue at first, a significant gap in your Masonry fire pit can lead to fire hazards spreading to your apartment. So, on a routine, hire professionals to check for deep cracks so they can be constructed back. These cracks can affect the overall temperature of your pit so that they can be filled with cement, sand, and stones.

Upgrade Your Masonry Fire Pit With DeLuca Masonry

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