How to Safely Clean and Protect Stone Veneer

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How to Safely Clean and Protect Stone Veneer

Do you deeply admire the classic look of older homes? Have a preference for stone sidings on the exterior of your home? You definitely have a fine taste! Such aesthetic choices give your home a luxurious appeal.

Moreover, any lover of classic architecture would love to inspire others through a great appreciation of famous and renowned architects of the late centuries. You can’t deny how a stone veneer can accentuate real estate.

Stone veneer exteriors can last between 20 and 75 years. Despite their impressive durability, there is little awareness as to how you can maintain its longevity. For that, you need to be in touch with some cleaning and protection tips. Here are some of them.

Tips for Safely Cleaning and Protecting Stone Veneers


You can’t assess the rate of wear and tear that your stone veneer exterior is suffering from. A thorough inspection requires that you check for any damaged or loose bricks in the walls. Allow for a detailed inspection once in a while, especially after a natural disaster or in the event of seasonal change.

Mending the Stone Veneer

Another way to protect your wall exterior is to tuck-up any loose or broken bricks on the stone veneer. Are you thinking about the benefits of doing this? Well, one thing is for sure, your stone veneer will get some much-needed attention. Moreover, after detection, you can easily reprimand damages to your stone veneer. You can even replace small mortar joints with new ones to keep the integrity of your stone veneer exterior intact.


One of the prime ways to retain the stone veneer exterior’s glamour, aesthetics, and durability is to adopt optimal cleaning techniques in your routine. You have to, if not regularly, then at least, occasionally, clean the stone veneer to maintain decency and style.

Cleaning a stone veneer is a pretty simple task and a “fancy” one too! Use a gentle polishing and scrubbing tool to knock the dust off. Then, simply use a bucket of warm water. Mix in some soap or vinegar to clean the stone veneer.

Disclaimer: Concrete stone or cultured stone veneers are vulnerable to intense damage on exposure to multiple cleaning chemicals. Hence, avoid the use of such solutions to clean stone veneers.


As cleaning is of crucial importance, there is another aspect to the protection of stone veneers, “Seals.” These protective coats keep the porous stone veneers in good shape against humidity. Furthermore, you will need to keep a check on when to change the seals and definitely when you need them.

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