Can Stone Veneer Be Applied Over Brick?

Thinking your house needs a brick makeover? Maybe it’s the dated fireplace that takes you back to a time that you no longer want your house to represent. You can revitalize your old brick with a little bit of know-how, time, and effort. Do you have to replace your old brick with new ones? Your worn and less visually appealing bricks can be spruced up to look attractive and enhance curb appeal. How about applying stone veneer over your old bricks?  If you are wondering if it can be done, the answer is, yes. 

Brick Must Be in Good Shape

You can install manufactured stone veneer directly over the old bricks, however, the bricks must be able to support the application. The brick shouldn’t be painted and must be healthy enough to hold a scratch coat. The bricks need to be in decent shape to provide the structure needed for the stone veneer to hold up. Stone veneer tends to be natural-looking and thin, with luxurious options, and can cover bricks both indoor and outdoor.

Stone Veneer Application Over Brick on the Exterior

Natural stone veneer is a great option for outdoor bricks which are exposed to the elements. It will better withstand whatever outdoor elements it comes up against, compared to similar products. Exterior brick stone veneer application may be a bit tedious. A waterproof membrane is applied before the stone veneer covering to minimize the risk of water accumulation behind the veneer, which could crack the stone come winter when the water freezes.

Stone Veneer Over Brick on the Interior

Compared to installing stone veneer over brick on the exterior, interior applications can be done with a bit more ease, since the surface requiring coverage tends to be much smaller. Covering brick with stone on an interior wall will demand less effort than exterior work and waterproofing may not be necessary.

Stone Veneer Over Brick

The installation process in a nutshell:

  1. Select the Stone of Your Choice

How does one go about choosing the right stone for the makeover? Style is a common factor for consideration, and there are three common styles of veneer stone: fieldstone, ledgestone, and river rock, each with their unique look. Fieldstone typically features larger, irregularly shaped pieces, which makes them a good option for interior walls. Ledgestone features rectangular-shaped pieces that have more width than height, and are great for smaller projects, like serving as an accent for a fireplace. River rock is less popular but can be used to add some flair to your project, with rounded stones that mimic those found in rivers and streams. A stone selection may come down to your preference. 

  1. Prepare the Brick For Application

Cleanse the bricks of dirt, dust, oil, and grime. Use gentle soapy water and cloth, sandblasting, or pressure washer using a  low-pressure nozzle to clean the brick as necessary. After cleaning, check to ensure that the bricks are stable and add a metal lathe to them to hold the mortar. Adding a cement board to the brick is an efficient way to quickly add the stone veneer in place. 

  1. Add Scratch Coat

The final step in the process is adding the scratch coat mortar with a masonry trowel before setting the stone, creating the rough surface needed for adhesion to the brick wall. Install the stone veneer panels to the prepared surface.

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