A Simple Guide to Brick Patterns

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A Simple Guide to Brick Patterns

Bricks are a fantastic way to add functional texture and patterns to your home’s interior or exterior. If you’re considering laying bricks or hiring a mason to do it for you, you’ll need to know which pattern you’re interested in using ahead of time.

It is essential to decide on a brick pattern in advance because it will significantly impact the number of bricks you or a mason will need to purchase, plus the time and effort it will take the lay the bricks. There are a variety of brick patterns to choose from, varying in their complexity and look. Even if you have no experience with masonry or bricklaying, this guide will help you to determine which pattern is best for your space.


This is one of the most commonly used brick patterns and is the most straightforward. The offset pattern consists of bricks stacked in horizontal rows, but with the edges of the bricks offset from the bricks above and below them. 

The offset style creates a classic, visually appealing look that isn’t difficult to do yourself. If you’re hiring a professional to do the job, an offset pattern shouldn’t take an experienced mason very long to complete, depending, of course, on the size of the space.

Straight Lay

The straight lay pattern is similar to the offset pattern, but instead of bricks being staggered, they are laid directly on top of one another. This seems like the simpler pattern of the two, but it can be trickier to get right.

It is still one of the easier patterns to choose from, as no brick-cutting is required, but it takes patience to lay the bricks precisely. Consider a straight lay if you need to accommodate any curves, as this pattern is very easy for structures beyond 90-degree angles.


This pattern may sound complicated, but it isn’t that difficult to lay. As a bonus, the basketweave pattern uses whole bricks, so thankfully, no brick cutting is required.

A standard basketweave uses two bricks at a time, alternating in the direction from horizontal to vertical. However, this pattern is not meant for structures that bear any weight and should only be used for patios or pathways.

Additionally, the basketweave pattern can be turned diagonally for a more visually appealing look. It takes about the same amount of work but can make your brick look like it was done by a professional, even if you did it yourself!

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