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3 Ways to Update Your Brick Without Paint

Upgrading your masonry does not have to involve painting it white or any specific color. Instead, you can upgrade the brick on your home through these four techniques. Brick has been a popular building material for ages, and other than stone, brick has proven to be one of the most robust materials for construction. Although these techniques and treatments were often used to protect the surface of the brick, they also transform the aesthetic of your brick home.

German Smear

This finishing technique for brick involves smearing mortar over the face of a brick wall. The mortar wash used in the German smear technique provides bricks on a home’s exterior and protects the bricks from rain, wind, and UV damage. Today, homeowners use this finishing technique to add character to their structure and replicate the old-world European castle look. Make the change to your home and add and unique aesthetic to your neighborhood.


Utilizing a limewash technique to partially cover brick can be done using a chalky paste made from crushed limestone and water. This is perfect for creating a natural and organic effect on the brick. Limewash also benefits your brick as it is a natural fungicide that prevents mold and mildew. If you are looking for an environmentally friendly choice, limewash is the right choice for you. 


Whitewashing your brick is very similar to using a technique such as mortar washing or limewashing, but this technique does not require mortar. Many homeowners enjoy the appearance of whitewash as it softens the natural red colors of brick and is more of a translucent film than a coat of white paint. One advantage of whitewashing your home is that this technique is not permanent and can be removed by power washing, sandblasting, or chemically removing it. There are also many color options with whitewashing and not limited to a white tone.

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