Which Patio Installation Materials Are Affordable?

Outdoor landscaping isn’t cut and dry; whether it involves softscaping or hardscaping, it requires attention to detail and an overall aesthetic sense. Sometimes, you are more interested in using affordable materials that can still get the job done, but you need help getting one. Your attention to your outdoor spaces is significant since not only does it beautify your home, but it also adds other much-needed benefits. A new patient Installation, for example, provides additional living space and improves your property’s appearance. 

Installation Materials in Norwood, MA

Now that those benefits are well outlined, you can make your patio Installation more affordable by opting for materials that need less maintenance. Patio pavers, for example, are easier to maintain than wood decks, as wood requires constant sealing, maintenance, and repairs. This often makes the idea of a new Installation seem more attractive. Here are some patio Installation materials that are affordable without sanctifying their aesthetics.

1. Stamped or Painted Concrete

Concrete is known for its versatility and affordability and is often a favorite amongst homeowners as it comes in all shapes, sizes, colors, textures, and finishes. They can also be painted over or stamped to resemble various other materials, including expensive ones, meaning they cover the needed aesthetics while still being affordable. Compared to other options, they are also easier to install and maintain, and sometimes, this installation can even be done DIY, allowing you to save money. Concrete pavers and stamped concrete usually cost between $7-$13.

2. Red Brick

Brick pavers have different styles and qualities that can work with every house due to their uniformity. That’s why they are the most popular patio material after concrete. Red Brick has always been a classic with its excellent way of adding charm and personality to your patio. It makes your patio look storied and mature and also provides a level and even surface for furniture and foot traffic. Brick might be the most durable of all the options and typically costs $8-$10 per square foot.

3. Rubber Tiles

These are good ideas, especially when you are looking for something cheap that can be installed with minimal skill, but those are only some of their good qualities. Rubber tiles are beginning to gain traction because they are durable and innovative. They can also come in several finishes that can be shaped to fit whatever ideas you have for your patio design. They also provide level surfaces for foot traffic, furniture, and potted plants, and they typically go for $3-$7 per square fit.

4. Gravel

Pea gravel is the cheapest option out of all of them. Not only is it easy to work with, but it can also be relatively easy to obtain at a low cost. Gravel is available in many stone shapes, sizes, and colors, allowing you to customize whatever look your imagination can conjure. While gravel might seem like the best option because of its ease of installation and customization, it also has a lot of downsides, such as the soil needing tilling and tamping as a base for the gravel. Gravel is usually not the first option for homeowners because its surface is generally uneven, making foot traffic and furniture leveling difficult. It can also deal more damage during falls and is also a hassle to maintain. Despite its drawbacks, it is also the cheapest option for around $0.5-$1 per square foot and is suitable for very damp patios.

5. Reclaimed Stone Pavers

The truth is, stone pavers are expensive, sometimes for around $16 per square foot, but they can also be charming and beautiful on your patios. So what to do? To get your patio that smooth stone paver look, you just need to reclaim them. Use discarded or broken pavers of all shapes, styles, and textures to craft a unique patio. Not only is this practice cheap, but it is also eco-friendly and will go a long way in making your patio Installation unique and affordable.

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