What Is A Flagstone?

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What Is A Flagstone?

Choosing the right flagstone patio is essential in setting up your stone pathways and walls. A flagstone is a stone block or slab broken down into different shapes and sizes. These beautiful rocks come in different types and are available for sale according to weight. These varying designs give your interior and exterior environment an aesthetic yet classic outlook. 

This post aims at providing you with valuable information about flagstone.

Types of Flagstones

Now that you know what flagstones are, it’s important to be able to identify the different types that exist. Here are the most popular types of flagstone patios for your project design:


This glamorous metamorphic stone comes in various colors. Notable amongst them are gray, green, copper, and silver. It is a metamorphic rock formed due to heat changing the ingenious rocks into different stones. Examples include Marble and Quartzite. They are available in Southern Idaho, Northern Utah, Virginia, Vermont, and New York. You may restrict your pathway using a flagstone or could serve as a barricade for protecting your flower gardens. Other similar types include Misc Tumbled Stone; Tuscan Flagstone; Molalla Flagstone; Bitterroot Flagstone E.T.C


Known for its durability, the Pennsylvania Bluestone is one of the most sought-after patios in the U. S. Homeowners usually apply it to walls to beautify them. This sedimentary flagstone is also available in Connecticut. As the name implies, The typical color of this flagstone is Blue, Full color, and Lilac. The Bluestone is suitable for designing balcony walls and floors to give a unique appearance. When properly mixed, this beautiful work of art produces a natural feel for onlookers. Other common types include Basalt, Travertine, and Limestone, amongst others. 

Tips to Consider When Choosing Flagstone

Size and Thickness

The desired flagstone’s shapes, sizes, and thickness should be considered when shopping. For a Thin Flagstone, the thickness usually borders around 1 .5″ Minus, while a Regular Flagstone thickness is about 1″ -2.5″. A Tumbled Flagstone has a thickness of 1.5″- 4.” 

Seek Expert Advice

It is better to consult with a flagstone specialist before making a choice. You might be deceived into buying a replica rather than the original. This is due to the resemblance of both. An expert with technical know-how will help you get what suits your preference.

Color Change

Over time, some flagstone types might be prone to color change. Therefore,  it is imperative to consider whether you want it installed for the short term or long term. Also, the prices vary from each other, depending on the type, labor, mortar, and even base material.

Masonry Construction Company in Norwood

From the outside, you may think it’s a piece of cake when selecting the suitable flagstone for your project. However, every single step requires attention to detail. If you would like to consult a reliable expert, Deluca Masonry Construction is readily at your service. Give us a call today! 781-269-9709

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