What Are the Best Custom Stones For My Patio?

Planning a new patio is a creative and exciting process. And it does not matter whether you are building a new patio or renovating an existing area, natural custom stones are durable, and you can expect them not to fade over a long time.
There are several custom stones you can pick from, and each has what makes it unique. We will go over those materials and why they are the best for your patio project but before then, let’s discuss what factors determine the type of stone to use.

Factors Determining the Type of Stone

Before selecting a stone for your patio project, there are factors you need to consider. For instance, if you are designing a patio around a swimming pool, then you need to consider the stone’s heat retention and its ability to absorb water without eroding.
Natural custom stones can serve different purposes, and understanding your need will determine what type best suits your project.

Types of Custom Stone


Brick is a highly durable natural stone that can withstand high loads. This then makes it a great choice for patios, sidewalks, and driveways. Bricks also maintain their color and are not affected by the sun or any harsh conditions. Brick is also long-lasting and requires little maintenance. And when they are damaged, they can be easily replaced.


Pavers are quite versatile in that they can fit both a natural and formal setting. They are one of the most affordable natural stone and are long-lasting even in high traffic areas. Pavers require only little maintenance and are slip-resistant and are therefore a great choice for pool patios.
Depending on your choice, pavers are available in different sizes, shapes, and textures. They are either square, rectangular, or sometimes with irregular shapes. They can also be smooth or tumbled, weathered or embossed, cobbled, or sand-textured. All of which gives you different options to choose from.


Bluestone is another unique natural custom stone with a classic appearance. The stone is not always blue, so that allows you to choose – you can find them in brown, rust, or green tones giving it the elegant and eclectic look.
Bluestones are a great choice for pool patios as they are naturally porous but be sure to seal it periodically to maintain its natural colors. The stone also comes in different shapes and sizes, but you can have it cut into any shape and size of your choice. If you want a truly naturalistic view, bluestone might be your best bet.


Limestone has light colors that deflect heat and stay cool all day long – making it another excellent choice for pool patios. Limestone is highly durable and has many textural options. They however can erode with time and this takes its beauty. Limestone is also porous and should be sealed to maintain its texture and color.

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