Top 5 Materials to Use for a New Patio

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Top 5 Materials to Use for a New Patio

If you have the desire to install or update your outdoor space, the options out there for doing so can be a little overwhelming. Before being able to enjoy the great outdoors on your new patio, consider these points before choosing the material:

  • What is your budget?
  • What look or aesthetic are you going for?
  • Are you particularly handy or do you need to find a contractor for help?
  • What is your climate/region like?

After making a mental note about these things, take a look at these five options for your new patio.

Pea Gravel ($0.25 to $1 per sq. ft.)

As a very cost-efficient material, pea gravel may be a good option if you are especially budget conscious and would be very easy to work with as a patio masonry project. The outdoor space could be defined by another type of material like a concrete or brick paver and filled in with any of a multitude of color options.

Stamped Concrete ($11 to $13 per sq. ft.)

The sky is the limit with stamped concrete. This may be a project better left to the masonry professionals, but it can be made to look like just about anything for a much smaller price tag. Masonry contractors use this material for patios, walkways, staircases, and much more.

Slate Pavers ($16 to $20 per sq. ft.)

Create a beautiful stone patio for a price that may be a little less than materials like flagstone. More uniform in shape, slate pavers will provide a clean, modern aesthetic while keeping that natural stone appearance.

Flagstone ($16 to $20 per sq. ft.)

More organic shapes provide a stand-out patio. Slightly varied appearances between each stone provide an interesting landscape to the outdoor space and have a few different installation options to consider.

Wood ($ varies)

Ground-level patios made of wood give off that natural, rustic appeal. Wood and wood-based materials can react very differently depending on your location so make sure you understand the risks and upkeep requirements if this is your material of choice.

As with any masonry project, prices of materials and masonry professional services can vary greatly depending on where you live. Research carefully and you’ll be headed for a beautiful and functional outdoor space. If you are interested in getting in touch with an experienced masonry company, contact us today for more information on our masonry installations.

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