Popular Masonry Installations for the Summer

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Popular Masonry Installations for the Summer

Summer is a great time to take on masonry projects and make improvements to your house. Whether you are creating a new space, remodeling an existing one, or making repairs, summer is a good time to
work with some of the materials that are used in masonry. Masonry can add character and value to your home by changing the look and feel, and improve structural elements, as well as functionality. Here are three
popular masonry installations that you could get done this summer.

Fire Pit Installation

A wonderful complement to your outdoor decor is a fire pit, and what better time to get one installed than during the summer. A fire pit makes your home more attractive and adds warmth, ambiance, and value to your property. It is great for creating an outdoor focal point and is a crowd-pleaser since people love to gather around a fire. A fire pit is a year-round attraction and it’s a versatile backyard feature that can light up the night with its flickering blaze, be it during the summer, fall or winter. It is also perfect for family smores night with the kids.

Retaining Wall Installation

For visual curb appeal, a masonry retaining wall may be just what you need to spruce up your landscape. It can transform a bland landscape of sloped terrain into a captivating and beautiful backdrop, creating an area that is charmingly layered, full of character and entirely functional. A retaining wall adds structural support and keeps soil in place, preventing erosion, particularly where landscapes feature small hills. The aesthetic appeal of retaining walls lends to their beauty as bold attractive structures, when constructed with particular materials and design. The terraces of a retaining wall can serve as a functional space for planting or gardening-added beauty to your landscape.

Patio Installation

If a relaxing evening outdoors in the comfort of your own patio appeals to you, then consider investing in a back patio. It enhances the beauty and functionality of your home and having an outdoor entertaining area adds
much monetary value to your home. A patio extends your living area, which is ideal for large summer crowds when a family gathers for vacation or barbecues. You can add your own personal touch with couches, plants, and lighting. Additionally, there is a range of choices when installing a backyard patio, with many designs and materials that will provide your property with additional space, versatility, and character.

Just about any one of these masonry installations can add appeal, functionality, and value to your home. A patio can expand your living space, a retaining wall adds curb appeal and a fire pit can bring people together. Get your masonry installation done in the summer to last you through many seasons to come. If you are interested in a masonry installation project or any other masonry repair and maintenance services, please contact us today!

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