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Masonry Contractors in MA

With summer around the corner, barbecue season and outdoor events are in full swing. Perhaps your outdoor living area needs a bit of an upgrade or perhaps you are thinking about adding something new to your backyard or patio?  Finding the right masonry contractor can be a difficult task but if you really want the best work done on your property it is worth making the additional effort.

A few things to look for when trying to find the right masonry contractor for your project:

  • When finding a masonry contractor find one that specializes in the specific type of work you are looking for and be clear on the type of work you want done.
  • Take the time to search locally and ask friends and family for any recommendations.
  • Be sure to set up an appointment first to look over your project and give a written estimate that itemizes cost of labor materials.
  • Check reviews from previous customers on listings such as Yelp, Google+ or Facebook to see if any complaints have been posted
  • Ask proof of licensing, this provides a degree of assurance your contractor is knowledgeable in their trade.  Be sure to make sure they are insured including general liability and workers compensation to cover employees in case of emergency.

DeLuca Masonry Construction, LLC. has a strong ability to design and develop some of the most intricate masonry jobs our customers . Our team works with you on the proper plan designing your project based on your individual desires.  We then walk you through each phase of your project starting with Design, Materials, Timeline, and finally the Development phase.  This skill has allowed us to shine as a masonry company and enables us to provide a service that our clients truly appreciate.

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