Is There a Right Way and a Wrong Way for Thin Brick Veneer Installation?

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Is There a Right Way and a Wrong Way for Thin Brick Veneer Installation?

While constructing your home, opting for thin brick veneer installation rather than solid brick for the walls is highly beneficial for your home. You won’t find any voids for additional insulation during construction. That is why a solid wall will be 12 inches, but the R-value would be very low. One solid brick has about 0.80 of R-value. If you install two bricks with a concrete inner layer, the R-value will be around three.

When you compare this to a thin brick veneer, you will use structural materials like wood. Hence, there will be voids that you can fill, bringing the R-value to R-19 or even till R-21. In addition to that, when installing a thin brick veneer, the additional R-value will reach R-80, so, as you can see, that the overall advantages of installing veneers will be immense.

Right now, it is essential to keep energy efficiency in mind while building. The best way among all the others to lower energy bills is to insulate. This is why brick veneer is a better option than solid brick.

Installing Thin Brick Veneer

Contractors install a full-sized brick veneer on the ledge’s top, which they support using concrete footings or foundation walls. To prevent moisture damage, they flash out the base of the wall. This way, moisture does not enter inside from behind the brick. Special insulation or sheath is behind the frame of the wall. The covering can comprise materials like building paper or plywood sheath. Usually, there is an inch-wide gap between the brick veneer and the framed wall.

If you want to install a thin brick veneer, the mason will first pour mortar on the foundation ledge for preparing so that he can lay down the first course of thin bricks. In the end, they will install leads to establish planes for the wall and desired height. Leveling the first course is essential to keep the remaining courses leveled.

They will also install weep holes to allow the water from walls to escape. They can lay down the bricks in various patterns, such as a stacked bond, common bond, or running bond, etc. To create mortar joints, they will apply mortar on every brick. This way, the wall will become resistant to water damage.


You should not skimp on a thin brick veneer with the installation. You can find help from an experienced or qualified mason and preserve your veneer’s value. A mason can give your home a beautiful look that you always wanted. You need to make up your mind as you are investing in improving your home’s look. So why risk the look of your home by choosing an amateur for this upgrade.

You can contact us to find out more about how you can improve your house’s exterior without compromising the interior. Deluca Masonry Construction offers you professional and expert masons so that you can have a better-looking home. Fill out a contact form on our website or give us a call today at 781-269-9709.

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