How To Style The Exterior Of Your Home With Masonry

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How To Style The Exterior Of Your Home With Masonry

The look of a house is important. It sets the mood for those entering and gives off a particular impression to everyone passing by. The exterior is not only protection, but it’s peace of mind. The wrong exterior can leave a feeling of regret or the thought that something is missing in the design. Stone walls are a classic look that can even be affordable on a budget. A stone veneer can provide your home with the sturdy exterior you desire. There are many stone wall options to choose from when designing your home’s exterior.


A plain stone wall is a classic look that has been used for ages and likely will bring back childhood memories of a beloved relative or neighbor’s home for many. Plain stone wall veneers create a simple but dignified look to the outside of the house. It is best to go for a unified look with a simple color scheme by sticking to fewer styles and colors when using just stone veneers.

Stone and Siding

Choosing a stone veneer to pair with the existing siding on the exterior is a great way to add elegance and accent. A stone veneer will make whatever area it’s used to become a standout. Using stone can accentuate powerful areas like the foundation or entranceway to the home while keeping the design simple. There are many options for colors of stone veneers, but it is best to match them up with the colors of the siding and the roof they will be placed alongside. Using a combination of stone veneer and siding creates a look that stands out differently than an all-stone or average siding-only exterior. 

Stone and Brick

The combination of stone and brick on a home’s exterior can project a sense of balanced wealth and durability. Stone provides a look of durability while drawing attention to whatever area it covers. Bricks offer a sense of prosperity and strength as they display a sturdy foundation. Blending these two requires using them in the proper balance and using the stone to make parts of the home pop rather than filling in gaps left by the bricks. Although different colors can be used for the brick and stones, they should complement each other and the roof. 

Get Advice From A Masonry Professional

A well-trained eye is required when designing the exterior of your home using stone. It can create a distinctive look but cannot be executed by just anyone. For help designing your home’s exterior using stone veneers, call the experts at Deluca Masonry Construction. Our professionals have years of experience with interior and exterior design. Let us help you create the stunning vision you want with your home. Give us a call today at 781-269-9709 or fill out a contact form

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