How to Reface a Brick Fireplace With Stone Veneer

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How to Reface a Brick Fireplace With Stone Veneer

If you want to update your existing brick fireplace by applying a stone veneer, you can do that using these steps. Adding a stone veneer over an existing brick fireplace is the easiest and quickest way to give the room an updated, modern look. Traditional brick fireplaces can make a room look dated and tired. But changing the look of the fireplace by using stone veneer will transform the space and make it look sophisticated and contemporary. Here’s what you need to do:

Step One

There are two options you can choose from when you’re adding a veneer to an existing fireplace. You can choose polyurethane or urethane adhesive, which comes in tubes, or a thin mortar mix. Thin-set mortar mix is what most experts recommend. Thin-set mortar was created for this type of job and had epoxy adhesive binders. 

Step Two

Before adding the veneer, take some time to clean off the existing brick. Make sure there are no loose particles or loose paint on the bricks. A wire brush is an excellent way to clean off the brick and prepare it. If your brick is very porous, you may need to install a metal lath or concrete board before adding the veneer. If you use a metal lath, be sure that you install it horizontally and overlap the edges. 

Step Three

Once the brick has been cleaned, apply a scratch coat of mortar or whatever covering you have. Make sure it’s wet enough to form a proper bond but don’t use too much. 

Step Four

It’s a good idea to lay out the veneer stones in the pattern you want before applying them to ensure the pattern lines up correctly and looks good. Lay the design on the floor so you can get it just right. 

Step Five

Pick up each piece of stone from the pattern on the floor. Apply a layer of mortar to the back of each stone that’s at least a half-inch thick. Adding more mortar around the edges is also a good idea to help it stick.

Step Six

Now go ahead and press each piece of stone into place. Make sure the joints are uniform in thickness. Start with the corners and work inward, alternating long and short pieces on the corners. Install from the top down to prevent mortar from dripping onto the stones. But if you’re dry stacking, you can work from the bottom up because there won’t be any visible mortar joints. 

Step Seven

You may need to fill the joints of the stones with mortar to help create a better look and hold the stones in place. Pipe it in with a grout bag. Then strike the grout once firm to clean up the lines. You may not need to do this step. It depends on the style of stone you’re using. 

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