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DeLuca Masonry Construction, LLC. provides high-quality masonry work for residents and businesses of Westwood, MA. This town is located right next to our hometown of Norwood, MA. With this in mind, we have been able to provide our masonry services very quickly and efficiently by being so close. We pride ourselves on customer service and make sure we are in constant contact with each client to make sure that they receive the service they truly wish. 

Masonry Installations in Westwood, MA

If you’ve been thinking about having a masonry project done at your Westwood home, Deluca Masonry Construction is the one to call! We have completed many indoor and outdoor masonry projects for the residents in Westwood. Our team uses only the best materials and products to ensure our work is top quality. We specialize in stone masonry for walkways, walls, driveways, fireplaces, patios, and more. You can also turn to us for foundation repairs, stairway installations, and stone restoration. By adding some beautiful masonry to your home you can increase your home’s curb appeal as well as increase the value of your home!

Landscape Masonry in Westwood, MA

We love doing landscape projects which is awesome because they are our most popular! We can install and create the most beautiful patio, outdoor fireplace, decorative front entrance, walkways, driveways, etc. If you have something different in mind give us a call and we can see what can be done! 781-269-9709. You can rely on our team to work efficiently to give you the best outcome possible on your home’s project. 

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Stone Veneer Installation in Westwood, MA

Stone veneer is a very popular material people use on their masonry projects and it makes sense because it is stunning! Stone veneer combines beauty with durability to give you the perfect stone project. Stone veneer is long-lasting, maintenance-free, easy to install, and flexible for curved surfaces. We have many different sizes and colors for you to choose from! 

Masonry Repair Services in Westwood, MA

At Deluca Masonry, we also offer masonry repair services. Our team will work to restore your broken masonry to look brand new again. We can fix brick, concrete, and stone with ease. We also perform foundation repair should you need that as well! We provide these services to any sized project. 

Masonry Construction in Westwood, MA

We are happy to assist all the residents and businesses in Westwood with masonry installations, repair, and designs. If you are interested in our services and would like a FREE quote, contact us today! You can also give us a call at 781-269-9709.

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