5 Benefits Of Installing Retaining Walls

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5 Benefits Of Installing Retaining Walls

There are so many different landscape elements that can improve the aesthetic of a home and yard. Retaining walls can do wonders for a yard’s beauty and offer other great benefits as well. It beautifies and protects, and that makes it particularly unique as a landscape element. These structures can also raise the value of a home. However, retaining walls must be designed and installed correctly in order to be effective. The best use of retaining walls is on properties with hills and slopes, where problems with erosion and drainage can develop. It’s best to hire a landscaping contractor to do this masonry installation if you want it done properly. Here are five benefits of installing retaining walls.


  1. Create Flat Space

An elevated yard won’t go flat on its own and this is where a retaining wall can be useful if you need to create a flat space. This can help to make your yard more functional. A retaining wall eliminates part of the hill or slope and creates more usable outdoor space. A flat space opens up your yard for, creating additional space for socializing and relaxing.


  1. Aesthetically Pleasing

This is one of the types of hardscapes that can be appealing and pleasing to the eyes. Retaining walls are versatile landscape elements that can be designed and constructed in numerous ways to have different effects. These structures can be arranged to create garden beds or flower beds. There are many unique designs that can be done that can elevate the beauty of your home. This could even increase the value of your home constructed correctly.


  1. Help Manage Water Runoff

Retaining walls can prove beneficial in diverting water away from foundations and control runoff, preventing erosion. Runoffs can erode away yards, damaging your lawn and garden. This can also cause water to pool around the house and can damage the foundation. Retaining walls work to control the flow of water that could wash away the slopes, sending it into the desired location.


  1. Multiple Design Options

There is no shortage of design options when it comes to retaining walls. Here are three common types:


  • Gravity Walls: This type of retaining wall relies entirely on its own weight to stand up, by simply leaning against the wedge of soil it’s retaining.
  • Cantilever Walls: These are single-layered walls require steel reinforcement in the base and slab, allowing the walls to function as a cohesive unit.
  • Sheet Pile Walls: These walls require the use of planks that are positioned into the soil and supported by it on either side.


  1. Easy Maintenance

Retaining walls are durable, and the materials used in construction, such as stone, makes maintenance easy. The wood used in the construction is typically treated to be moisture resistant. Stone may move from their positions, but that is easily remedied.


Retaining walls are a great investment and can bring style and functionality to your yard space.  It is best to have retaining wall installation by professionals to ensure that it will be done correctly in order to be effective. Check out your local masonry services and find the best team of landscaping contractor that can design and construct your masonry wall. Contact DeLuca Masonry today for a free quote on walls and other masonry installation we provide.

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