4 Reasons Spring is Perfect To Install Brick Pavers

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4 Reasons Spring is Perfect To Install Brick Pavers

If you are looking to spruce up your landscape with a classy and beautiful walkway or patio, you
may be considering brick pavers. Like other masonry installations, there is an ideal time of year
to begin your project-that season just happens to be spring and here are four great reasons why:

Sunny Weather Moves Things Along

Starting projects in warm weather are much more comfortable than winter laboring. Sometimes
in the winter, you must wear gear that might slow down the workers. Not to mention, you
won’t want to be outside for elongated periods of time and will need to take more regular
During the winter months, depending on where you live-snow make an appearance on the job
site and could be an issue for your project. Working during the spring avoids many weather
risks and ensures a more productive work environment.

Better Quality Work

When it comes to masonry installments, it is crucial that there is no ice present as it can cause
shifts in the ground. With brick pavers, the base is very important and should not be applied if
there is frost as it can cause an uneven and unattractive finished product.

Summer Might Be Booked

The most popular time of the year to get brick pavers is summer. Many people decide to take
vacations in the summer, so it’s a great time to get home renovations done while they’re away.
This means that there will be far fewer options for you to pick the best contractor in your area.
If you attempt to book with a masonry contractor after spring, you risk not getting in and will
have to wait until next year. It’s best to book early spring to ensure that someone will have an
opening in their schedule as summer is usually booked out.

You Can Show It Off!

Even if we hate to admit it, the most rewarding part of investing in elegant brick pavers is that
we get to show off the finished product to our friends and family! You will likely get many
compliments on your beautiful patio or walkway. Summer is a time for fun, family enjoyment,
having guests over, and laying out in the sun.
Brick pavers are a sophisticated and chic way to make your property stand out. For best results
and for best overall convenience, call DeLuca Masonry Construction LLC. this spring!

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