3 Severe Problems That Need Quick Masonry Repair 

When the integrity of a building begins to crumble, so too does the peace of mind of its inhabitants. From cracks creeping ominously along walls to mortar crumbling like ancient ruins, severe masonry problems demand swift attention. Masonry repair protects against the relentless assault of time and elements, ensuring safety, stability, and the preservation of architectural heritage. 

Shelf Angle Spalling

Shelf angle spalling is a significant concern in masonry structures, particularly in buildings with exterior brickwork or stone cladding supported by shelf angles. This deterioration occurs when moisture infiltrates the masonry facade, causing the metal shelf angle supporting the veneer to rust. As the metal corrodes, it expands, exerting pressure on the adjacent masonry and leading to cracking and displacement of bricks or stones. This phenomenon is exacerbated in regions with freeze-thaw cycles, as water trapped within the masonry expands upon freezing, further damaging the structure. If left unchecked, shelf angle spalling can compromise the integrity of the entire facade, posing safety risks to occupants and pedestrians below.

Timely masonry repair is essential to address shelf angle spalling and prevent further damage to the building. Repair strategies typically involve removing deteriorated masonry units, repairing or replacing the corroded shelf angle, and restoring the facade’s structural integrity. 


Efflorescence is a common yet severe issue in masonry that requires swift repair. It occurs when water infiltrates brick, concrete, or stone surfaces, dissolving soluble salts within the material. As the water evaporates, these salts are left behind, forming a white, powdery substance on the surface. While efflorescence may seem benign, it indicates deeper moisture problems within the masonry. If left untreated, it can lead to structural damage as the salts accumulate and expand within the material’s pores. Additionally, efflorescence can compromise the structure’s aesthetic appeal, tarnishing its appearance and reducing its value.

Addressing efflorescence promptly is crucial to prevent further deterioration of the masonry. Effective repair strategies typically involve identifying and remedying the source of moisture ingress. It’s essential to check whether it’s through inadequate drainage, leaks, or improper ventilation. Repair professionals may employ techniques such as pressure washing to remove efflorescence from the surface. This can be followed by applying sealants or waterproofing agents to prevent future water infiltration. 

Disintegrating Mortar

The mortar binding agent holds bricks, stones, or blocks together, forming a cohesive unit. When mortar begins to disintegrate, it compromises the structural stability of the masonry, leading to potential collapse or severe damage. This deterioration can occur due to various factors, including exposure to harsh weather conditions, moisture infiltration, chemical reactions, or poor initial construction quality. As disintegrating mortar weakens the bonds between masonry units, it allows for the ingress of additional moisture.

A quick masonry repair involves removing and replacing the deteriorated mortar with fresh mortar, restoring the bonds between the units, and reinforcing the structure’s stability. Depending on the severity of the damage, repair techniques may range from repointing to more extensive reconstruction of sections with advanced deterioration. 

DeLuca Masonry’s Comprehensive Approach to Masonry Repair

With a proven track record of successfully addressing masonry challenges, DeLuca Masonry possesses the necessary skills and resources to expedite repairs. Their team of experienced masons understands the urgency of promptly addressing disintegrating mortar and other structural issues. Moreover, DeLuca Masonry prioritizes customer satisfaction, offering personalized solutions tailored to the specific needs of each project. By entrusting their masonry repair needs to DeLuca Masonry, property owners can rest assured that their structures are in capable hands, receiving timely and effective interventions that safeguard their investments and enhance the resilience of their buildings against future challenges.

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