10 Questions To Ask Masonry Contractors

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10 Questions To Ask Masonry Contractors

When preparing to do any type of remodeling, it is good to make sure you are hiring a professional you can trust. This goes especially for masonry projects and installations, as you need to make sure you are working with a certified masonry contractor. Making sure you are working with the right contractor can save you time, money and energy knowing that your masonry installation or repair project is being taken care of by someone you can trust. Below are ten questions you should as any masonry contractor while you are searching for the right company or contractor to fulfill your masonry needs.

  1. Do You Have Any Masonry Certifications? – As stated before, to ensure an easy masonry installation project you want to work with a certified contractor. There are many masonry certifications a masonry contract can get such as Concrete Paver Institute Installer, Home Improvement Contractor Certificate and many more.
  2. Do You Have Experience Working With A Certain Type Of Brick or Stone? – Just like with any type of industry, some masons have specialties. It is always beneficial to ask just in case they have no experience with a certain stone you want to use.
  3. Are You Experienced With Layering & Cutting Patterns? – Some ideas may have a certain pattern in mind that may have to blend different masonry materials together. It is good to know if your mason can in fact work with both types of material as well as cutting and layering them.
  4. When Do You Expect The Job To Be Done? – This goes hand in hand with any type of home improvement or any type of work that requires you to hire someone. It is always good to know when a project or installation will be finished. That way you can plan accordingly and know when you will expect the finished product. This is especially good to know for masonry jobs, as that area of the house is off limits to anyone until the project is completed.
  5. What Do I Need To Do To Prepare For Stone or Brick Work? – Some masonry contractors will ask you to do some preparation work before they start working. It is good to ask your contractor if there is any preparation needed to be done to speed up the job.
  6. Do You Have References? – When researching a masonry contractor, it is always important to check out examples of past work as well as looking into past clients. Talk with the past client to see if they enjoyed the contractors work and if working with the mason them self was a easy process. In addition, ask the mason if they usually complete their projects in a timely and professional manner.
  7. May I See Your Insurance? – Anyone can say they are insured but it is up to you to double check with contractor if they actually are insured or not. Better safe than sorry.
  8. What Is Payment Like? – Payment is essential when completing a masonry project. You may be asked to pay half up front, a small portion up front, etc. Ask your mason how they usually accept payments and how often so you can set up a schedule that works for you. Make sure to hold the last payment for your project until you are 100 percent satisfied with the work.
  9. Who Is Responsible For Purchasing The Materials? – Sometimes the contractor will have the materials you need and other times you will need to purchase the materials they need for the project. In this instance, you can find cheaper priced materials that can save on project cost.
  10. Will You Clean After The Project? – Seems like a silly question, but some instances you can find yourself with a lovely masonry piece but a messy yard, patio, or area they were working in. Make sure you know what the specifications are for cleaning after the job is completed so you are not surprised at the finish line.

If you have any additional questions please check out FAQ section of our website, or contact us today!

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